Frequently Asked Questions

Does the e-motion come with a smaller size lead?
The e-motion pencils are currently available in 1.4mm only.  The pencil will not accept another size lead and is filled one lead at a time.  Up to six spare leads may be stored in the side chambers of the mechanism which is located under the front piece.  If you need assistance with refilling this pencil, please see our Refill Instructions page to download the instructions. 

Can I use a converter in the BASIC and LOOM fountain pens?
Yes, the pens accept the Faber-Castell Design converter item #148785.  If you find that this converter is not fitting into the BASIC pen you have there, it is due to a slight design change that took place some time ago.  You  have an older style that will need to be returned for conversion in order to accept the converter.  Please see our Repair Services section for return details.

Will the BASIC Fountain Pens take other international size converters by other companies?
The pens will not allow all converters, we suggest for the correct size using the Design Fountain Pen Converter only.

I have a Faber-Castell ballpoint pen, can I convert it to make a pencil?
You are not able to convert them.  The mechanics are different and this is not possible.  If it were possible, it would also void any warranty for the product.

How can I identify the item number of the refill my pen came with?
On each pen refill you will find an item number that begins with the numbers 1487--.  If you wish to purchase more refills, enter this item number in the search field to easily find the product on our site.

Can I use a rollerball refill in my ballpoint pen?
The refills are not interchangeable.